Accumulators & Filter Driers

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Reynosa Plant Floor

As a basic manufacturer in accumulators and filter driers, Four Seasons® offers quality units manufactured in a ISO/TS16949 and ISO14001 certified facility. State-of-the-art production equipment including robotic welding and automated CNC machining, ensure product integrity and quality. The use of high quality materials allow for a longer lasting performance our customers can rely on. With a wide range of tooling available, we also have the opportunity to meet customer specific requirements.

Features & Benefits

Precision Machined Fittings for Easy Installation and Proper Fit and Function

High Quality Welds Ensure Durable, Leak Free Design

Heat Sealed Desiccant Bag to Provide Proper Placement

    Also Features: Compatible with both R12 and R134a refrigerants meets or exceeds O.E. specifications


Why Replace?

Replacing the accumulator / filter drier is an essential part of doing the job right.

  • The accumulator / filter drier acts as a filter by removing moisture and contaminates from the air conditioning system. Such contaminates cannot be removed by flushing, therefore replacing the accumulator / filter drier is essential. 
  • The absorption of moisture in the system is done through the use of a desiccant bag. A leaking or “open” system can cause the bag to become saturated within a few hours after being exposed to the atmosphere making the accumulator / filter drier ineffective. 
  • Replacement of the accumulator / filter drier is required to validate compressor warranty and must be replaced anytime the system is serviced.

Product Differentiation

Setting the Standard in Aftermarket A/C

O.E. fit, form and function is key in the aftermarket today. The uncertainty of the purchased part not looking like what was taken off the vehicle, leaves technicians questioning if they received the right part.


Four Seasons® Direct-fit, drop-in-replacement

P/N 83136

Chrysler PT Cruiser (10-04)

The Four Seasons® design is completely pre-assembled with the liquid tube, bracket and block for fast, easy alignment & installation while the competitor unit is missing the liquid tube, bracket and block, requiring the installer to reuse parts from the old accumulator just to complete the repair.


P/N 33104

Four Seasons Accumulator / Filter Driers feature proper welds for a durable, leak-free design, high-quality desiccant for appropriate absorption and necessary gaskets, o-rings and seals for easy installation. We also ensure that all of our units are compatible with both R134a and R12 refrigerants. 

Four Seasons outlet tube is the appropriate height to prevent liquid refrigerant from traveling to the compressor.

Competitor’s outlet tube is too low and close to the inlet and missing trumpet style end.

Quality Advantage

As an essential part of a compressor replacement job, we realize that a defective or failed Accumulator / Filter Drier can cause more system damage and headache than its worth. That is why we take the time to validate our units to the highest quality standards to provide our customers a quality product they can rely on.

Four Seasons processes ensure metal shavings are not left in the unit.

Competitor unit with metal shaving due to poor manufacturing process, could come loose, travel to the compressor and cause system failure