Auxiliary Coolant Pump

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Four Seasons® is proud to introduce electric auxiliary coolant pumps as an extension of our engine coolant component product offering. As advanced technologies in hybrid and forced induction vehicles continue to grow, Four Seasons® leads coverage with 46 SKUs covering over 10 million VIO.

Engineered and tested to O.E. form, fit, and function

Durable fiberglass reinforced housing materials

Seal-less technology prevents leakage

Corrosion resistant coatings throughout

Stainless steel used in all water-contact components

Tapered motor brushes for quick motor break-in

Sophisticated technologies like these are becoming more prevalent in today’s vehicles as seen across all major manufacturers. Four Seasons® new line of electric auxiliary pumps provides a quality part our customers can depend on. No more looking to the dealer, Four Seasons® has your engine coolant part when you need it.

Quality Assurance 

  • CNC machined, no manual operations, to ensure accuracy of fit
  • Direct fit replacement for ease of installation
  • 100% leak tested Four Seasons® uses premium materials to provide the best replacement parts available.

Common failure modes for electric auxiliary coolant pumps 

  • Debris and sludge in the cooling system
  • Clogs the impeller and locks the motor
  • Thermo-cycling, extreme environmental conditions, and age result in cracked housing

Features & Benefits 

  • Heater Cores
  • Distributes coolant for rear units
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • Continuous cabin heating
  • Cooling of inverters
  • Forced Induction Equipped Vehicles
  • Cooling of intercoolers
  • After-Run Coolant Pump
  • Extends life of engine cooling components

Four Seasons® Top 10* Electric Auxiliary Coolant Pumps 

DID YOU KNOW? Electric coolant pumps cannot be adjusted or repaired if faulty or damaged and must be replaced.
Trust Four Seasons® to have the coverage you and your customers need..

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 As advanced technologies in hybrid and forced induction vehicles continue to grow, Four Seasons® has the coverage you need, when you need it.