Four Seasons® brings you the latest technological developments in the design of automotive air conditioning condensers by car manufacturers, providing quality products that you have come to expect from us. We offer every condenser style to match the style, fit and function of the O.E. condenser which includes a wide range of car and light truck applications.

Fit, Form & Function

Why choose Four Seasons® Condensers?

  • Four Seasons® condenser brackets are ribbed to increase strength and rigidity for mounting and component support.
  • All Four Seasons® integral oil coolers are designed with rectangular tubes to precisely match the O.E. configuration in terms of form, fit and function.
  • Condenser tubes should never be used in the oil cooler section, nor should oil cooler tubes be used in the condenser section.
  • Condenser side members are “U” shaped to increase rigidity and protection against fin damage from excessive stress.

Oil Cooler Tube


Condenser Tube

U Shaped Side Member

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New Condenser Technology

Micro and Mini Tube Condensers

A/C condensers in applications newer than 2001 cannot be flushed successfully due to the small passages designed to make the condenser more efficient. The latest technological developments in car and light truck A/C systems include micro-extruded tubes and mini-micro-extruded tubes which CANNOT BE FLUSHED. Do not take a chance with flushing, always replace the condenser when a compressor fails. 


Clogged Tubes

Condensers flat tubes

The image on the right shows cross section of early and late design condenser flat tubes ( a penny is used to show actual size).

Condenser technology has evolved dramatically over the past 10-15 years. Designs have changed from a “tube and fin” design to a “micro” tube design which has shown to improve airflow efficiency. Four Seasons® employs the latest technology developments from the O.E., including micro and mini-micro-extruded tubes. These two tube configurations cannot be interchanged, therefore, our condensers accommodate the design to replace the O.E. unit without any guessing.

Condenser Types



Four Seasons® requires the Accumulator/Filter Drier and Orifice Tube/TXV Valve to be replaced, and the system completely flushed for Compressor warranty. It is strongly recommended that the Condenser be replaced on vehicles newer than 2001.