Engine Cooling Components

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Early O.E. designed water outlet kits have often experienced leaks due to poor sealing at the welds. Four Seasons® has improved upon the O.E. design by incorporating a sonic weld to ensure a tight leak-free bond that solves this problem. The improvements don’t stop there. We have gone above and beyond the O.E. to bring you a more problem solving part. See details below.

Additional Improvements

Torque Specs: Housing & Outlet- 9-13 Nm (80-115 lb/in)

Applications: Ford 4.0L v6; 01-97 Explorer (August model change), 01 Ranger, 01 Sport Trac, 01-98 Mountaineer   

Includes Both Temp Sensor and Temp Sender

Sealing O-Ring Included

Sonic Welded

What sets us apart: Upgraded aluminum design

Problem:The O.E. thermostat housing assemblies on modern cooling systems are flawed. Their thermostats can stick, their coolant temperature sensors can break, and their plastic housings can crack. When one of those errors occurs on a BMW, it can cause improper cooling that damages vital engine parts. 

Our Response: Your best defense against repeat failures is Four Seasons Thermostat Housing Assemblies, available for Audis and BMWs. Each one is made from aluminum, not plastic, to prevent cracks and leaks. Even better, 4Season's line of Integrated Thermostat Housings come with a coolant-level sensor, a thermostat, and a gasket for direct-fit replacement, which is something the competition doesn’t offer.


Four Seasons exclusively redesigned Chrysler / Dodge Hose provides better durability with a flexible rubber hose and metal clamps that allows the unit to bend and move as well as tolerate high heat. The O.E unit is made with plastic clamps that become brittle and leak when exposed to constant high temperatures and vibration making it a high failure rate item. Replace it once, replace it right with this Four Seasons Problem Solving Part!

New technology for the aftermarket P/N 85992

Four Seasons® is leading the way in new technology for the aftermarket, releasing P\N 85992, integrated thermostat housing with electronic thermostat.

IDENTIFICATION: The majority of vehicles with an electronically controlled thermostat have a thermostat module, housing or unit. On the side of the thermostat housing is a connector that you might assume is a temperature sensor. Like a coolant temperature sensor, it will have a two-wire connector. 


One wire will be a ground and the other will supply voltage to the heating coil. The voltage to the coil is regulated by the engine management system. Some systems  turn the voltage on or off as needed. It is regulated by the PCM. (Provides feedback to the PCM)


  • Optimum combustion due to increased temperatures 
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions 
  • Improved power output at full load due to reduced coolant temps 
  • More comfort due to higher coolant temperatures and, as a result, an improved interior heating performance