Tensioner Pulley & Idler Pulley

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Tensioner Pulley and Idler Pulley product lines are manufactured to meet or exceed the original manufactures requirements for both automotive and heavy duty applications.


Our Tensioner and Idler Pulleys are made from either thermoplastic or steel, depending upon the OEM application demands. The pulleys can be grooved, flat, or flanged and all pulleys meet or exceed the OEM requirements. Sealed bearings help ensure a long bearing life and an aluminum dust cover is used to help prevent the possibility of dirt and other contaminates from entering the bearing which can lead to a premature failure.


Steel Pulleys

There are three types of steel pulleys: V-Belt, Groove and Smoth.



Plastic Pulleys

There are two types of plastic pulleys: Smooth and Groove

New Additions

Part Number 45917 

The following item fits Dodge Truck Diesel applications.

It includes all mounting hardware necessary to for installation.