Leading the Way Since 1978

Four Seasons, a member of the SMP family of brands, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive line of replacement mobile climate control products. We are the largest aftermarket climate control parts supplier in the industry and the largest compressor remanufacturer in the world.

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Four Seasons: Quality, Coverage, Service

As a flagship brand of Standard Motor Products, Four Seasons delivers the long-standing message of quality and performance. Our tagline, Quality, Coverage, Service, grounds us to our corporate core strategy.

Remanufactured Compressors

Four Seasons® remanufactured compressors use as many of the original internal components as possible to reduce the consumption of new mineral resources without sacrificing quality. Every internal component is meticulously checked and refinished and includes 100% new bearings, new seals, new gaskets & O-rings and other wear components, such as piston rings and reeds to ensure a unit that is equal in fit, form and function to that of a new. Every compressor produced is put through a series of tests to ensure our quality standards are met and peak performance achieved.

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Motor Resistor Kits

Four Seasons introduces Motor Resistor Kits featuring a quality blower motor, resistor and harness connector. These problem solving kits help reduce warranty by providing all the electrical components that commonly fail together offering a proper replacement of both the motor and resistor for a successful, long lasting repair.

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Air Door Actuators

Four Seasons® now offers a full-line of Air Door Actuators, which are a key component for driving comfort and air ventilation with coverage of over 450 part numbers covering over 470 million applications.

Made with quality motors, precision gears and premium circuitry, Four Seasons Air Door Actuators undergo rigorous testing to ensure O.E. fit, form and function in an IATF16949 certified facility. This includes a 100,000-cycle durability life test, corrosion, vibration and temperature tests, and electrical testing for motor torque, proper voltage and amp draw.

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Brushless Blower Motors

Brushless Direct Current motors are quickly on the rise in the automotive aftermarket. This sophisticated technology first appeared in the mid 1990's and has gained popularity with the O.E. due to higher speed ranges, longer operating life and higher efficiency, just to name a few. As a basic manufacturer, Four Seasons invested in the engineering, design, tooling of brushless motor technology to supply our customers with best-in-class products manufactured in North America.


Your Car. Your Data. Your Choice.

Auto manufacturers receive as much as 25GB of data per hour from your vehicle and get to decide where that data goes. Access to vehicle data is mission critical for us. That’s why we are working with the Auto Care Association and Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) to raise consumer awareness of this issue and support industry advocacy efforts. Help us protect our industry and ensure consumer choice.

It’s Your Car. Your Data. And it should be Your Choice.

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Who We Are

Four Seasons manufactures, remanufactures and distributes a full line of replacement components for mobile climate control and cooling systems. Four Seasons division is the largest aftermarket automotive temperature control parts supplier in the industry and the largest compressor remanufacturer in the world. We supply professional quality products for import and domestic, early and late-model vehicles and to all market channels throughout the United States and around the world.