Design & Quality

Engineered and Tested to O.E. Form, Fit and Function

Sophisticated technologies like these are becoming more prevalent in today’s vehicles as seen across all major manufacturers. Four Seasons new line of electric coolant pumps provides a quality part our customers can depend on. No more looking to the dealer, Four Seasons has your engine coolant part when you need it.

Quality Assurance 

  • CNC machined, no manual operations, to ensure accuracy of fit
  • Direct fit replacement for ease of installation
  • 100% leak tested

Four Seasons uses premium materials to provide the best replacement parts available.

  • 89006_spot1ajpg

    Durable fiberglass reinforced housing materials 

  • 89006_spot2ajpg

    Seal-less technology prevents leakage

  • 89006_spot3bjpg

    Stainless steel used in all water contact components

  • 89006_spot4ajpg

    Corrosion resistant coatings throughout

  • 89006_spot5ajpg

    Tapered motor brushes for quick motor break-in