Air Door Actuator Kits

Four Seasons, your complete source for premium HVAC products, introduces new Air Door Actuator Kits. This new line of 11 popular application-specific kits cover over 21 million vehicles on the road today. With precision gears, quality motors and premium circuitry, Four Seasons Air Door Actuators undergo thorough testing to ensure every Air Door Actuator meets or exceeds O.E. fit and performance.

With as many as eight Air Door Actuators per application, replacing actuators one-by-one can be a costly and labor intensive repair. Removing the entire dash panel can cost upwards of eight labor hours at over $100 per hour at today's shop rates.

  • Air Door Actuator Kits reduce time and labor by combining all actuators into one convenient kit, allowing all actuators in a common location to be replaced at the same time.
  • No more waiting for the right part or repeat repair costs for items that have a common service life.

Do it once, do it right with Four Seasons Air Door Actuator Kits!