Blower Motor Resistors

Four Seasons offers hundreds of high-quality connectors to help do the job right the first time. These connectors utilize high grade materials to ensure peak conductivity and perfect connections.

Why do you need these connectors?

When a blower motor resistor fails, it’s recommended to replace the connector. A blower motor resistor connector connects the HVAC control module and the blower motor resistor. The connection between the electrical terminals of the blower motor resistor and the wiring connector that powers the module may be incapable of conducting higher current levels for sustained periods of blower motor operation. In addition, moisture and other contaminants may enter the fresh air intake and corrode the terminals. If any of these were to occur, the blower motor resistor or wiring connector could overheat and burn.

By replacing connectors every time we can ensure the connection between the HVAC and the blower motor resistor is optimal.

Motor Resistor Kits

Four Seasons has introduced Motor Resistor Kits featuring a quality blower motor, resistor and harness connector, where applicable. These problem solving kits help reduce warranty by providing all the electrical components that commonly fail together offering a proper replacement of both the motor and resistor for a successful, long lasting repair.

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