Four Seasons has four different PAC-Kit offerings so you can get the right one for your compressor replacement job.

Kit Type
A/C Service Kits
Pre-Packaged Complete Kits
Virtual Kits
Super PAC-Kits

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Doing the Job Right Takes More Than Just Replacing The Compressor

It is imperative that you replace all the necessary components to ensure increased customer satisfaction and extended compressor life!  The system diagram below shows how debris and contaminates can easily travel between components in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Orifice Tube

Reason to replace: The orifice tube meters refrigerant flow through the system and also screens particles that may come through. The fine mesh screen or the internal components of the orifice tube can become plugged, restricting refrigerant and lubricant flow.

Expansion Valves

Reason to replace: Expansion valves regulate refrigerant flow within the system. Aside from the compressor, this is the only other moving part. Expansion valves can become contaminated with system debris and should be replaced.

Accumulator/Receiver Driers

Reason to replace: Accumulator and receiver driers keep moisture from permeating the system and minimizes deterioration of refrigerant and lubricant. It is essential to replace with the compressor to avoid compressor or system failure.


Proper lubrication: For successful repair, only the recommended amount, type and viscosity of oil and the appropriate refrigerant should be used.  Use of oils containing dye, sealers or other additives that do not meet the SAE J2670 standard may reduce compressor longevity, impact system performance and void your warranty.


Why Flush? In order to remove old oil and contaminates from vital system components, it is crucial they be flushed with a high quality flushing agent. Items that require flushing include condensers*, evaporators and hose assemblies that do not have mufflers and/or filters.

*Multi-pass condensers cannot be flushed and should be replaced.