Problem Solving Engine Cooling Components

Chrysler/Dodge Heater Hose

Four Seasons exclusively redesigned Chrysler / Dodge Hose provides better durability with a flexible rubber hose and metal clamps that allows the unit to bend and move as well as tolerate high heat. The O.E. unit is made with plastic clamps that become brittle and leak when exposed to constant high temperatures and vibration making it a high failure rate item. Replace it once, replace it right with this Four Seasons Problem Solving Part!

Chrysler/Dodge Heater Hose

Water Outlet Kits

 Early O.E. designed water outlet kits have often experienced leaks due to poor sealing at the welds. Four Seasons has improved upon the O.E. design by incorporating a sonic weld to ensure a tight leak-free bond that solves this problem. Our unit also includes both temp sensor, sender and necessary sealing components.

  • 85331_loc1ajpg

    Includes both temperature sensor and temperature sender

  • 85331_loc2ajpg

    Sonic welded

  • 85331_loc3ajpg-1

    Sealing O-ring included