Customer Success

Loyal Customer Success Stories

We realize our customers have a choice when it comes to their trusted HVAC supplier. With so many low-cost alternatives flooding the market today, the decision to choose the cheaper option may seem to be the better choice. However, our loyal customers know risking their reputation and the success of their business is not worth saving a few dollars. It’s through their much appreciated support that we’ve become a benchmark in the industry for quality parts and industry leading programs.  

We enjoy hearing our customers' success stories. From warehouse distributors and counter personnel to shop owners and technicians, we value all aspects of the supply chain. Share your Four Seasons success stories with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you could be featured on our web page and various marketing materials.

Sam Johnson of Beachside Tire & Auto - Shop Owner

“When customers ask what auto parts I purchase to repair their air conditioning system, I tell them that my first choice is Four Seasons from Parks Auto Parts. I prefer to install a quality part that I can trust; like the components in a Four Seasons Pac-Kit, everything you need for the A/C repair. There are alternative low cost compressors available to purchase in the market, but they end up costing more when it does not cool properly or fails, and the customer has to bring the car back. My customers know that I will do the job right and they depend on Beachside Tire & Auto and Four Seasons to keep them cool in the hot South Carolina summers.”

Lloyd Haslam of L&J Rebuilders - Shop Owner

“I’ve been using Four Seasons products for over 20 years. Four Seasons has all the high quality parts I need to do the job right. My customers are too important to me to use low-cost, no-name parts. Four Seasons helps to keep my good reputation with my customers and provides me a peace-of-mind that I won’t have comebacks.”

Alvaro Ayala of M&A Auto Care - Shop Owner

"A quality part is just as important as keeping our customers happy. Having to deal with a comeback due to a defective part results in lost sales and unsatisfied customers. When another shop in the area calls me for advice on A/C repair components, I always refer Four Seasons parts. The quality is very good and we don’t have any problems with these products. For instance, we used another supplier’s compressor for a 2003 Chevy Tahoe that resulted in a comeback. We chose a Four Seasons compressor and supporting components when doing the complete job a second time. Problem solved!"

Dave DiCicco - Shop Owner

Daniel Conwell - Certified Technician

Hwy 387 Auto

“We pride ourselves on quality repairs. Quality repairs require us to use quality parts. That is why we can sleep at night knowing we use Four Seasons parts and the vehicles we service won’t be back due to a failed part. We can always count on Four Seasons for quality parts and training.”

Chris Bevan of Merle’s Automotive – Shop Owner

“There may be other air conditioning brands on the market, however, I choose to sell Four Seasons.  The product quality is second to none and the warranty can’t be beat. They have always been there for me when I had questions about finding parts or helping my customers diagnose vehicles.”