Diagnostic Tool Kit Promotion

P/N 99906 Available March 1st to August 1, 2020

For a limited time, Four Seasons offers a Diagnostic Tool Kit featuring the tools you need for late model system diagnostics. Expert technicians know that doing the job right starts with diagnosing the root cause of any failure. Four Seasons Diagnostic Tool Kit does just that with our popular ECV Diagnostic Tool Kit and YF refrigerant leak detector.

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Part number 99906 features:


YF Refrigerant Leak Detector, P/N 69010, makes diagnosing a leak in the air conditioning system easy and quick. Being able to diagnose quickly and accurately helps ensure that the job is done right.

  • 15.5" flexible test probe
  • Infrared gas sensor
  • Automatic zero and background compensation
  • High/Medium/Low leak sensitivity selector
  • Carrying case included

The ECV Diagnostic Tool, P/N 69636, allows you to be in direct control of compressor pumping displacement, making diagnosis simple and easy!  ECV compressors do not have a conventional clutch, meaning the compressor shaft turns all the time, even when the air conditioning is off. This sophisticated technology can make it difficult to determine if poor air conditioning performance is being caused by a computer control issue or a refrigeration system issue. 

  • Hand held ECV compressor tester unit
  • Power leads and wire harness set
  • 14 female connectors
  • 15 male connectors
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Instruction sheet

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