Evacuation & Flush Starter Kit Promotion

99907 Available March 1 to August 31, 2021

The Four Seasons Evacuation & Flush Starter Kit includes the right tools, equipment and quality flush to ensure a successful compressor replacement. For a limited time, Four Seasons is offering this great kit at reduced pricing!

Evacuation & Flush Kit_2021 Promo.jpg

Often times, several quarts of flush are necessary to thoroughly flush the system, making it an expensive and labor intensive step in the repair process. However, it is also one of the most crucial steps following a catastrophic compressor failure. Skipping this step may void compressor warranty and result in a comeback. 

As one of the final steps in the repair process, evacuation is necessary to ensure corrosive moisture and air have been removed from the system.

Part number 99907 features:

Four Seasons Part Number Description Quantity
59172 Flush Gun 1
69994 1 qt. Temp Select Flush 6
69991 25 oz. Dura II Flush 3
69015 Vacuum Pump 1
59091 1 qt. Vacuum Pump Oil 1

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