ARCHIVE - YF Shop Starter Kit

YF Shop Starter Kits

March 1 - July 31, 2019

Four Seasons, your complete source for quality, coverage and service, offers the YF products needed for today's late model vehicles. For a limited time only, get your shop ready with our one-of-a-kind YF Shop Starter Kits promotion, complete with everything you need to do the job right

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YF Tool & Chemical Kit Contains

  • YF Manifold Gauge Set
  • YF Supplement Tray for FS 24813 Service Part Organizer
  • Self Sealing YF Can Tap
  • YF Service Caps
    • M8*1.0 Cap Short Post
    • M8*1.0 Cap Long Post
    • M9*1.0 Cap Short Post
    • M10*1.25 Cap Short Post
    • M10*0.75 Cap Long Post
  • Vacuum Pump Retrofit Adapter
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • YF PAG Oil
  • YF ICE32 Lubricant Enhancer

YF Shop Starter Kits

Diagnostic Tool Kit P/N 99906

Expert technicians know that doing the job right starts with diagnosing the root cause of any failure. Four Seasons Diagnostic Tool Kit does just that with our popular ECV Diagnostic Tool Kit and YF refrigerant leak detector.

YF 99906.jpg

The Diagnostic Tool Kit contains:

  • ECV Compressor Diagnostic Tool Kit
  • YF Refrigerant Leak Detector