39999 Kit

Four Seasons, TEMP Select program features a comprehensive line of chemicals and service items to help Technicians do the job right. Our O-ring service kits will keep your organized and save you time while our flush gun kit provides a cost effective way to perform a flush job.

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A/C Filter Screen Kit

Four Seasons® TEMP SelectTM brand A/C Filter Screen Kit offers highly popular in-line filters in a convenient, lightweight box. The individual compartments and graphic card with O.E part number reference, make it easy to find what you’re looking for in a more timely and efficient manner.

Did You Know?

Many of today’s A/C systems employ an in-line filter screen before the expansion valve in order to trap debris and dissipate refrigerant oil. These filters should be inspected and/or replaced as part of any A/C system repair, but especially crucial when there has been a catastrophic compressor failure.

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