Pre-Packaged Complete A/C Kits

Pre-packaged complete PAC-Kits are assembled and shipped in one convenient package with everything you need to perform a successful A/C compressor replacement. With 600 kits available, PAC-Kits offer coverage for over 190M VIO and come with a limited lifetime* warranty!

PAC-Kits include all of the components necessary to do a complete compressor replacement: 

  • New Compressor
  • Accumulator or Receiver/Filter Drier
  • Expansion Device
  • Oil
  • All Necessary O-Rings and Gaskets
  • Tamper Evident Strap and Underhood Label

For more information on the Tamper Evident Straps, click here.

*Limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the kit or its contents for the life of the vehicle with all components replaced and all SMPT compressor installation procedures followed. Limited Lifetime Warranty is not transferable to any other party and all warranty limitations set forth in the SMPT warranty statement (Form #11519) apply.