PAC-Kits® A/C Service Kits are assembled and shipped in one convenient package with all of the components you need to accompany an A/C compressor, ensuring a successful repair. These service kits offer greater coverage with fewer SKUs, allowing you to optimize your inventory. With over 500 kits available, PAC-Kits A/C Service Kits offer coverage for over 200M VIO, including hybrid and electric vehicle applications!

PAC-Kits® A/C Service Kits include all of the following premium components, minus the compressor:

  • Accumulator or Receiver/Filter Drier
  • Expansion Device(s)
  • Proper Oil
  • All Necessary Gaskets & O-Rings
  • Service Valves & Caps
  • Tamper Evident Strap and Underhood Label

For more information on the Tamper Evident Straps, click here.

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