The Diagnostician Solution: Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Problem Solving Kit

Four Seasons introduces the first application specific problem solving parts kit, complete with everything needed for expert technicians to do the job right.

A common cause of compressor failure and poor A/C performance on some of the Dodge RAM Cummins Diesel applications, is a failed electronic viscous fan clutch (EVC*). This problem can often go overlooked, resulting in repeated comebacks. With this new kit, we help take the guess work out by including a premium quality compressor, fan clutch, liquid line with enclosed orifice tube, accumulator, PAG oil and necessary o-rings and gaskets, all under one part number.

Kits Includes:

  •  Compressor
  •  Fan clutch
  •  Liquid line
  •  Accumulator
  •  PAG oil
  •  All necessary o-rings, gaskets and seals

Did You Know?

*Malfunctioning Fan Clutch

A malfunctioning fan clutch can be hard to diagnose. Typically, the vehicle will NOT overheat unless operating in severe duty conditions. Since the vehicle is not overheating, the technician is not inclined to suspect an airflow problem. The challenge is to determine if the fan clutch is engaged and close to engine rpm. With an inexpensive infrared tachometer, a bad viscous fan clutch is much easier to diagnose by comparing fan speed to shaft speed. An engaged fan clutch will approximately read 80-90% of shaft speed. A disengaged fan clutch will approximately read 20-30% of shaft speed. A scan tool should also be used to check for codes that have been set by the EVC.

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